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Pen Stroke
United States
About Pen Stroke
Raised in the rural community of Ten Bale, Pen Stroke spent most of his early years on his family’s farm. However, his true passion lied in reading and learning and he eventually earned his cutie mark when he discovered he had a natural talent for writing.

He eventually left for Canterlot for higher education and currently is employed as an assistant librarian for the Royal Library, his dream to one day become its head librarian. In the meantime, he works the late evening, early morning shifts while continuing his education.

Pen Stroke is very interested in science and magic, especially theoretical branches. Pen Stroke met Batty when the pegasus was checking out a book during the late hours and Pen Stroke overheard him talking about alternate dimensions, a topic that falls heavily in the theoretical. While he finds Batty’s eccentricities to be tiring at times, he has found a strong friend in the Tramplevanian pegasus, who can always be counted on to make a day more interesting.

While Pen Stroke is a very intelligent pony, he is somewhat shy and has trouble with small talk. As to why he has books on his head, the earth pony finds it a more convenient way to carry books when at work, since he lacks magic and doesn’t like wearing saddlebags all day. Though, since he’s gotten so good at it, there are times Pen Stroke will walk around with books on his head for hours, having simply forgotten that they were there.

(In reality, Pen Stroke is a Wyoming native who is currently studying Computer Science in L.A. California, though he really did grow up on a farm. He and Batty Gloom were already online writing buddies for several years before Pen Stroke found out about Friendship Is Magic from some teammates on a class programming project. He gave it a shot, but was not a true brony until he and Batty Gloom ran into each other again thanks to Equestria Daily. Now, thanks to Batty, Pen Stroke is neck deep in the fandom and loving it.)

Where to find my stories

Most of my work first gets featured on Equestria Daily, so head over there for the latest and greatest.

You can also find my work here, after a delay, as well as on the Friendship is Magic Fanfiction Archive, which has a wonderful stealth mode for those reading in more public places.

Current Residence: Los Angeles
Favourite genre of music: Country, Show Tunes
Favourite style of art: Cartoon
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: Creativity is a flower best left to grow wild
~~ This is a copy/paste from my blog. Sorry, I'd usually adjust it more for DA, but I don't have the energy right now.

his post may be long overdue, but I was going to let sleeping dogs lie until, today, I got both a note on my DA page as well as an e-mail speaking of this issue.

To give the short version for those who don't know what I'm talking about, there is a Facebook role play page that associates itself, at least partially, with Nyx. This role play page has been the source of a lot of drama regarding little Nyx for well over a year now. From accusations that the owner of the page was hacking other accounts to the two messages I received today, which described the pornographic nature of the role plays the page owner uses Nyx to participate in.

It's something bad that's been going on for a long time, so long in fact some people hate Nyx because of that facebook page and the person running it.

And it is something I wish I could stop, but I can also see it's a battle I cannot win. So I'm just making this post to accomplish a few things. The first of which is to offer the sincerest apology I can for the actions of this other person that are beyond my control.

The second point I'd like to tread on is one of clarification. There are only four places I have accounts associated with my author persona of Pen Stroke. One is here, another is on DA, another is on YouTube, and another is a g-mail account. They are all basically called "Pen Stroke" or "Pen Stroke Pony" and the other three accounts can actually be reached from links from my Fimfiction profile page.

Those four locations are all I got for my pony related writing and actions in the community. So any time you find Nyx on a tumblr or on Facebook, that's something controlled by someone else. And for the most part, those people do well by the character and do work that I'm happy to promote. Perhaps the stories they weave won't be considered canon to Past Sins, but that's just because I want to leave myself open to continuing the story line myself. But that doesn't mean these folks don't deserve attention. To rattle some links off right now, these are folks who respect Nyx as a character and do things that, I feel, are worth a look if you like Past Sins and/or Nyx.
- - (Some great work with an older Nyx and 9th dimensional physics and an absolutely beautiful art style)
- - (Nyx is paired with Midnight of the "Out in the Cold" series as a pair of solid side-characters in this shippy but fun.)
Youngest Immortal by RussianKolz
- - (A well drawn comic of Nyx 100 years after the events of Past Sins that I myself am eager to see continue)
The two stand alone comics by DotRook
- - (Two of the first comics ever made around Past Sins. Batty and I even integrated one when adjusting Past Sins during it's original release)
Past Sins Soundtrack
- - (An astonishing undertaking by ForceDeModo to do a soundtrack for the story and one of Past Sins' longest running fan projects)
Past Sins PMV
- - (A PMV that is a full 4:41 of art drawn by one person to tell the story of Past Sins while pairing it with the song "You'll be in my heart")

And that really is only scratching the surface. There is a DA group devoted to Nyx at The Nyxian Alliance for art and there is a fair share of audio content on YouTube as well, and generally I can't offer enough thanks for the people who produce that fan-content of Past Sins, especially when they do it in such a way that respects the and the nature of the story she was written in.

But there are of course those who, as I would describe it, don't respect the character, who draw the inappropriate pictures and, in the case of the Facebook page, use Nyx as an RP character for their own perversions.

And I do apologize if I come off at all high and mighty. I'm not trying to. I just wish that the content didn't exist, that this problem didn't exist, but it is an unfortunate side effect of even gaining a small amount of notoriety in our modern world. My Little Pony is, itself, a perfect example of this. Because of the popularity MLP gained, it has spread to become a subculture of its own on the internet... and this comes with good and bad.

As I recall from a DA post Lauren Faust made a long while back, she herself would rather not even know that the Rule 34 content exists.

I'm okay with people using Nyx in stories, in art, in music, or in whatever they produce. All I ask is that try to show a little respect and common decency. I've even spoken on this at length in a blog I wrote last March.

I also know that the NSFW stuff is going to exist. I know that everything is subject to the 34th rule of the internet. I'm not so ignorant to think that I can stop all that just because I don't like it.  Everyone has a right to freedom of speech. Everyone has a write to talk and post about things they like, dislike, and what have you, just as I have a right to not like some of the ways Nyx is portrayed.

In the end, I guess I just really want to apologize for those who see those things like that. I also just wanted to get this off my chest. As I mention before, this isn't the first time I've been told about the behavior of this particular Nyx Facebook Roleplay and I doubt it will be the last.

Now, if you read this far, thanks for listening. If you just skipped here to the end; Sorry, I'm not doing a TL;DR version of this post. Have a good night, good weekend, and I'll be making a post on Monday about my Bronycon plans.

Thank you,
Pen Stroke


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